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1-2 Adjoining Rooms 

Full 3D Only Conversion *

Each Additional Room

Full 3D Basic    Conversion **



$0.60 | SF

$0.80 | SF


1 Side Elevation (ranch / 1 story)

Full Elevation (ranch / 1 story)

1 Side Elevation (2 story / 1.5 story)

Full Elevation (2 story / 1.5 story)





* Need more than just a few rooms? Our Full 3D Only Conversion may be what you're looking for. Every part of the floor plan will be drawn in 3D giving the space a truly live feel. (note that a visit to your project may be required OR full 2D floor plans provided)

** If full construction drawings AND 3D Conversion is what you need, our Full 3D Basic Conversion may be perfect for your project. This product includes a full set of construction documents (working drawings) to allow for remodels, permits, bidding etc. (note that a vist to your project may be required OR full 2D floor plans provided)

Looking for more than just a visual project?
Remodels, Additions & Basement Finishes

Although our 3D only designs can be a great tool to help show a space, they are purely for visual representations and lack the construction drawings needed to complete a remodel. We do however have products that may be perfect for changing a space complete with all necessary construction documents. 

Click here more information on remodels and additions.

Click here for more information on basement finishes.



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