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Nick joined VirtuActive in October of 2020. He's had a passion for homes ever since he can remember. His career experience includes managing a local construction company focused on new construction and training construction companies on project management software through Buildertrend. His favorite thing about 3D drafting is being able to take an idea in your head or on paper and watch it come to life. 

Fun Facts:

In his free time, Nick enjoys playing golf, woodworking, spending time with his wife & daughter, and eating pizza (he's a big believer that pineapple doesn't belong on pizza!)

He's also only 3 hours of flying away from obtaining his private pilots license. 

Favorite Home Style: 

Many :) 

Craftsman, Modern, and Farmhouse (with touches of Scandinavian, Modern and Traditional)


402-979-8100 ext. 118

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