The Changes We've Made To Better Serve You

The weather is starting to turn and golf season, I mean, building season is upon us. Well, as many of you know the building season hasn’t had a season, it’s just been year round! It’s been so exciting to be a part of our industry and the explosion we have seen this last year, even when it was already booming.

With growth also comes the necessity to improve areas of our businesses to be more efficient and better serve our customers. Many of you that work with us have seen some new things happening at VirtuActive this year. My goal in this newsletter is to share those things and the WHY behind the implementation of these improvements.

Here we go!

1. Welcome Packets

By now, you and your clients have become accustomed to our Welcome Packets. We include this with every new project and the intention is to explain VirtuActive’s process, pricing, and timelines. Setting proper expectations to all is one of the keys to a successful experience and outcome. That is the purpose in sending the Welcome Packet each and every time. As we progress into the second quarter, we are in the process of finalizing Welcome Packets for all of our products as well as a product offering sheet to help clarify our product offerings. You will see these all rolling out soon!

2. Order Forms

Many of you have seen these “order forms” start to be introduced this year. This is by far the biggest improvement we will make this year. It will lessen the back and forth of information gathering when onboarding projects, assist us in assigning the appropriate designers/drafters to work on your projects, and most importantly ensure we meet the turn times and quality of work you have come to expect of us by allowing us to manage our capacity.

We have been testing these this year and I want to THANK YOU for being patient with us

as we have inserted these into our process. You will be happy to know that we have

improved these so you do NOT have to download them and fill them out anymore!

The new order forms are very user friendly and all in an electronic form. You can fill them

out on your phone or your laptop. You can even attach files and inspiration to them.

I know these may feel like an extra step, but I promise that they WILL make everything

operate more smoothly. They don’t take more than 1-2 minutes to complete.