Custom  Plans

3d Premium

Both of our custom packages come complete with our personal design service by one of our talented Designers. Our 3D Premium product allows full customization of your design. Interior details can be customized such as paint colors, flooring type, countertop choice, furniture styles etc. This truly is the next best thing to seeing the real thing.

hourly rate
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$89 / hour

after basic


ask about our special pricing for builders and contractors

3d Basic

Our 3D Basic product offers up the same  great service that our Premium package offers when it comes to the overall design and service you receive. The only difference between the Basic and Premium package is that with Basic you have the ability to choose from one of our pre-selected color scheme packages to fit your wants and needs.

above grade
basement finish

$1.30   | Sq Ft

$0.65   | Sq Ft

ask about our special pricing for builders and contractors

3d Premium
What's Included?
3d basic
What's Included?
Time, efficiency and budget.
They are important to your build. It should be the same principles with your design.
Initial Design meeting
Every home should be unique and reflect your vision. Our Initial Design Meeting consists of gathering information on your wants and needs such as square footage and style of home. We may also gather ideas from your inspiration floor plans, sketches and photos
What should I bring?
Other Floor Plans for Inspiration*
Lot / Land info such as survey certificate
* Click here regarding our policy on copyright of other plans and the law.
Preliminary Design Stages
Each design follows a process of stages. We want you to feel 100% involved in the project throughout each step. Once we hit a milestone, the plan is sent to you for approval before proceeding. Your involvement ensures accuracy every step of the way.
Preliminary Stages
Initial Design Meeting
1.0 - Above Grade 
2.0 - Basement (if applicable)
3.0 - Exterior Elevation
4.0 - 3D Prep
Design Review Meeting
5.0 - Post Design Review
7.0 - Final 3D Rendering
6.0 - Working Drawing Prep
8.0 - Final Working Drawings
9.0 - Engineering (if applicable)
10.0 - Premium 3D (if applicable)
11.0 - Post Design Changes
Design Review  meeting
This full 3D view meeting tends to be very impactful as it is essentially a virtual tour of your project that allows you to truly visualize the space and make real-time changes with our Designer. This meeting can dramatically reduce change order costs later in the field with your project.

Working Drawings
The construction documents or Working Drawings are the final phase of the process. This is the set of plans that will be used to build the project and be given to your builder, subcontractors, suppliers etc. We will also include a final site plan of the property upon project completion.
Cover Page
Site Plan
Front / Rear Elevations
Side Elevations
3D Elevation Views
page 1.JPG
page 2.JPG
page 3.JPG
page 4.JPG
page 5.JPG
Basement Floor Plan
page 6.JPG
Main  Floor Plan
page 7.JPG
2nd Floor Plan & Roof Plan
page 8.JPG
Structural Details
Electrical Plan
page 9.JPG
page 10.JPG


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