Do your plans include enough information to take for a permit?

Yes. All our products (other than our realtor / conceptual product) include everything you need to get a permit and build. Typically, it would include elevations, floor plans, foundation plans, wall sections, electrical plans, stair details and roof plans.

Do your plans include utility locations?

Yes and No. A typical plan will include a location for all interior electrical, the furnace, air conditioner, water heater and floor drain. It does NOT include site specific utilities such as septic location, incoming water lines, incoming electrical lines, incoming sewer lines, incoming low voltage / data and interior low voltage data locations. We can however accommodate specific details on the aforementioned items by request from the client only.

Will your plans meet specific  building code requirements in my area?

All VirtuActive plans meet or exceed International Building Code 2015 (IBC) with special accommodations for the Omaha, NE and Lincoln, NE markets. If your plan differs from either of these jurisdictions then it is up to the client to make accommodations with a local drafter to ensure all local codes are met on the plans.

How long does it take to design a house plan?

A typical custom home design will take 5-8 weeks. The total time depends on multiple factors such as size of home, complexity of home, potential for 3rd party engineering and alterations to the design. The faster you get back to us on your revisions, the quicker this total timeline will take.

Are plans stamped by an engineer or architect?

In most cases, no. In the Omaha, NE and Lincoln, NE markets 98% of all new residential construction does not require and Engineer or Architect to be involved. However, other markets are different so it advised to consult your local building department prior to starting a design. 

There are some cases however that do require an engineer stamp. Plan details such as tall foundation walls, concrete cast ceilings and long floor spans may require the plans to be stamped. In these cases, we will let you know the reasons for an engineer stamp and VirtuActive will utilize our own 3rd party engineers to check over and stamp the plan.

How is square footage calculated?

Square footage is calculated by the area inside the exterior face of the exterior walls.

How will my plans be delivered?

VirtuActive's price include electronic .PDF files of the construction documents. It is up to the client on who can receive copies of the files but they are typically only sent via email to the client and / or builder. We can also work closely with your local print shop if you'd like us to send the files to them for easy printing. We do not cover the cost of the prints.

Will the cad files be shared also?

No. We only release .PDF copies of all our projects. We do not release and CAD or software files.

What if I bring an existing plan and ask you to redraw it for me? Is that copyright?

In most cases we will not redraw an existing plan that's been already drawn by another party. The only way we can redraw a plan exactly the same way it's brought to us is after receiving written approval from the original designer.

I found a plan I like but I want to change some things. How much has to change to avoid copyright?

This is a very common question we get and one that unfortunately has a very gray answer. The fact is that any clear copyright is against the law. VirtuActive will protect our own plans to the full extent of the law and we also respect the rights of other designers. Therefore, in order to use any type of existing floor plan without written consent from the original designer, very clear and specific changes to the plan need to be made. The floor plan can in no way resemble the original plan. In other words, all floor plans that are brought to us can only be used as inspiration and not for copy.

Can my plan be resold?

At the completion of the project, the plans may be submitted to our online plan database and be modified, adjusted and / or resold. Under normal circumstances the plans will be submitted to our online plan database within 6 months after project completion. In some instances, such as repeat business from a builder or contractor, this policy can be adjusted or eliminated. Note we do not make this special exception for general public plans. All general public plans will be submitted to our online plan database.

What is your copyright policy?

The purchase of one of our plans in no way transfers any copyright to other ownership interest to the buyer except for a limited license to use that set of home plans for the construction of one, and only one, dwelling unit. Under copyright law intellectual property which includes architectural drawings in any tangible medium or form is protected. The law makes it not permissible to modify a plan from such sources. All home plans sold through VirtuActive are protected by copyrights held by us. Reproduction of these home plans, either in whole or in part, including any form and/or preparation of derivative works, for any reason without prior written permission is strictly prohibited.

How many times can I build the plan you designed for me?

Once you receive the final plan copies from us, you are allowed a one time use fee of the plan. 

What is your return policy?

Sorry we do not allow returns due to copyright issues of the plans you received. It is also very important to verify any lot and setback dimensions if possible before designing the home.

What if I already have the original plans for my remodel? Do you still need to come to the site to do a measure?

Not always but a site visit is still recommended in our B.A.R. product so that we can get a feel for the space, structure, utilities. If you are not in need of a site visit, we recommend looking at our B.A.R. Lite product.