Needing to see a plan in 3D? 

We take finished floor plans, redraw them and put them in 3D to give you a visual representation, interior and exterior, of your home. 

Please note: This product is for visual purposes only. 


$0.60/sqft above grade

$0.45/sqft below grade

  • 5-10 Photo Realistic 3D Renders

  • 1 Interior Video Per Finished Floor

  • 1 Exterior Video

  • 1 Set of Dollhouse Views Per Finished Floor

Our 3D team will use any inspiration provided to create a general look of the home. If any specifications are requested, the project will then move to a 3D Premium project. Please consult your Designer/Drafter for more information.

Please note: The photos will be determined by the Designer or Drafter responsible for

the project and may not include every room in the home. If there are specific room that you

want to request, please notify your Designer/Drafter. For an expanded 3D Visual Package that includes all rooms in a home, please consult with your Designer/Drafter about using

the allotted 1 hour modification time.